A sale is the first step, not the last. We have an after-sale service team to provide our valued clients with timely support.Wherever you are from, whatever you need, we’re happy to help you.

Pre-sales Service

Pre-contract, according to the actual situation, ZOZEN technicians will communicate with the users and design the most suitable equipment for them .We will also provide draft drawings and technic consultant for free. As an international provider of industrial boiler and pressure vessel services,ZOZEN can give the perfect solutions about the installation,repair,replacement,maintenance,and transportation to most countries in the world.

Installation & Adjustment

Our company to install and maintain as the production and then continue, has become the industry's leading professional installers, professional maintenance, the company has 1 level of installation qualification, 17 installation project departments, more than 400 people install the team. The industry is the largest.

  • Water Supply System

    water flow rate should be greater than the total rated evaporation of boiler. The water pressure required to meet the range of 1.8kgf/c square meters 5.0kgf/c square meters, such as can not meet the above range shall be equipped with a booster pump or valve.

  • Combustion System

    In accordance with the local regulations for construction (the original boiler room of gas pipeline have been installed).

  • Installation of Steam Piping System

    The steam piping is composed of the steam outlet of the boiler to the cylinder to the steam pipe used by the heat user.

  • Installation of Electrical Control and Instrument

    Before installation, check whether the outer surface of the electric control cabinet is touched or not, and whether the internal components and lines are damaged or disorderly.

  • Commissioning, general commissioning, operation acceptance

    The normal debugging and commissioning qualified, submitted to the Bureau of quality and Technical Supervision Department of boiler, boiler and pressure vessel inspection, local technical supervision departments and construction units and the company sent inspectors, responsible for the overall installation of boiler with approval.

ZOZEN boiler provides thorough planning and implementation of all types of boiler systems.Our skilled and experienced technicians keep downtime to a minimum.

During installation,1-2 experienced engineering and technical personnel will be sent to you free of charge for technical tests and installation instructions,processing the various problems arising in the course timely while installing.

industrial boiler Training

Correct operation and regular maintenance is the best way to keep your boiler in good condition,which can prolong the service life of boiler and cut down your maintenance fee. In order to enable users to master the equipment operation methods and maintenance skills, ZOZEN boiler engineer will train the fireman and the relevant personnel for free until they can operate the boiler independently.

The following courses are available:

  • A training course for equipment attendants,equipment supervisors and stand-by or emergency personnel.
  • A course for equipment supervisors,fitters,electricians and instrument mechanics, maintenance supervisors and engineers.
  • A inspection course for maintenance engineers, maintenance foremen or experienced equipment fitters.

Industrial boiler Maintenance

Proper boiler maintenance will enable the industrial boiler to run more efficiently and minimize the accident risks. Each boiler installation has its own specific requirements but the maintenance is a common insurance for all the boilers for that regular maintenance performed by our specialized technicians will be conducive to the safety and longevity of ZOZEN product.

Industrial boiler Evaluation

Our technicians are trained to assess your boiler and pressure vessel for upgrading, repairing and parts replacements.Operational checks can be performed on line and equipment inspection can be scheduled during outages and down time.Our qualified service technicians provide equipment evaluations and recommendations for all parts which is necessary to ensure your system to perform safely, reliably and effectively.