We offer you PVC doors with installation as part of the following systems:

Gealan S 8000
Gealan S 9000
Rehau Synego
Veka Softline 82
Rehau Geneo

Our doors can successfully replace wooden doors. PVC doors have the potential to look equally aesthetic and are marked by high durability.

Features of the door systems we offer:

they can be opened to the outside as well as to the inside;
profile depth depends on a given system (from 74 mm for the Gealan S 8000 to 86 mm for the Rehau Geneo);
stability of window frames and sashes, which has been achieved due to the presence of steel reinforcement;
available in a very wide variety of veneers (coloured and wood-like) as well as in acrylcolour for the Gealan system;
infill in the form of double and triple glazing units as well as in the form of door panels;
our doors form a very good thermal and acoustic barrier;