Window air inlet vents take care of proper ventilation inside a room. Air inlet vents are devices that supply air from the outside to the room.
Windows that are too air-tight prevent air exchange, as a result of which the air inside the room becomes stale and signs of fungus or mould may appear on the walls.
Owing to air inlet vents, there is a constant supply or fresh air, even when the windows are tightly closed.

A standard air inlet vent consists of two parts:
an inner part – the so-called controller – that controls the amount of air being supplied;
an outer part – the so-called hood – that protects against rainwater and insects;

Pressure air inlet vents:
These are devices that automatically adjust the air flow. The volume of air being supplied to the room depends on the difference between the pressure inside and outside the building.
In the case of an increase in pressure, the flaps of the pressure air inlet vents bend aside, thus limiting the volume of air being supplied. Such a situation may take place, for instance, when there are gusts of wind.
Additionally, it is possible for the user to close the diaphragm of the air inlet vent, and thus to reduce air flow to a minimum.

Our offer includes air inlet vents by Aereco, Ventair and Brookvent.